Monday, July 9, 2012

Butterfly Glasses

Sorry i haven't been posting in a long time i have been busy :(  The "rare" items released on accident late last Monday (when the update came early) are for sale once again. You can buy yours on the seventh page in Jam Mart Clothing.

And now for our weekly mystery. . . This one is going to need some hard thinking, it dwells on Jamaa's ancient past. . .

This tapestry hangs in the Temple of Zios. What does it illustrate? What story does it tell? And where did that funny looking phantom-in-a-jar come from? What's its story?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Non member penguins and more!

Im soooooo sorry jammers please dont get mad im really busy these few days.... :( i will try to post more often
Today the update has come, and what an update it us! First, I'll tell you the new items for today, before I go into Jamaa Journal mode.

In Jam Mart Furniture...

In Epic Wonders...

Now, for the Jamaa Journal! Everyone's favorite newspaper put out by AJHQ themselves.

Page 1 Well, the big news for all jammers is that the penguin has arrived for all jammers! Yep, members and nonmembers alike, they all can be the cute furry little friend, the penguin. So, head on over play a few games and earn your 1000 gems (if not already) and buy one today! They really are, quite cute. ^.^ Also to celebrate penguins, AJHQ have created the Penguins Only Party, which I will post about in the next post. Hope all can attend it, it looks like a cool party (literally)! Hmm... Wonder who one the pet contest, or what the next animal might be...

Page 2 Seems AJHQ really want us to purchase the recently added pet, the hummingbird! They've out up a few fun facts on them, and a link to AJ Outfitters, where you can purchase your very own humming bird! Pretty cool, hope all can afford it, because once you buy it the perks of it are really quite good. On the same page, the answer for the new animal is in poem form, and I think I've figured it out, have you? I won't spoil it, I'll let you try. But it could be fluffball12's favorite animal... :P

Page 3 The new pet contest! Congrats to all who entered! Soon we will see your new creations coming into Jamaa around next update time, pawsome! Remember, all of you are winners, and will be featured in Jammer Central for all Jammers to stop by and admire your work. Pretty cool. Next, Crystal Sands now has a journey guide, and soon it will be up on my journey guide page, don't worry. Seems it is getting into the summer-like atmosphere (lemonade stand) yum... ^.^

Page 4 Seems new prizes are being added into the Summer Carnival's stock, so make sure to purchase yours soon. They seem so contrary to me. ^.^ Especially the freedom ones (freedom items soon?). Next, for all you game fans out there, the arcade games are now on sale (just like the dens were) So, make sure to stock up, because next update they will be expensive again. (Hopefully AJHQ will do more things like this, I kinda like it) Do you?

Picture 5 Next, don't forget your member gloves (golden) make sure to buy them before July rolls around or they will be now rare. Same with more rare tags have been added to the fox hats and the leap year party items, hopefully no one will try and scam with them (gulps).

Well, there you have it! The whole update of the Jamaa Journal (J.J). Pretty fascinating update if I do say so myself. ^.^

Now for the extras: The Jamaasian Calendar for these two weeks.

Same with a new golden lion tamarin video located in Jammer Central, pawtastic!
Next, Fourth of July scenery has been set up, peaceful as last year. Maybe AJHQ are listening to us... (Jamaasian Movement?).

Well, that;s all fro now. Check back later for the journey guide and the penguins only party! Happy Jamming!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Nooz!

I've got some Happy Nooz for you all!! The update's here!

Today, the update of the jamaasian summer, has come to Jamaa! Making this, the best Jamaasian summer ever! First, I shall tell you, the new items.... The only new item I am currently able to find is the "pet princess castle" amino castle for your pets, located in Epic Wonders.
Yikes, seems like I'm going to need to stock up on gems, if I wanted to buy it though... What do you think on this item, jammers?

Next, the Jamaa Journal has freshly been made and given out Jamaa-wide, here it is.

Page 1 New pets have come to Jamaa! But sadly, these furry little friends are only available by purchasing a 9-month certificate located in Animal Jam
Outfitters... Bummer, unless you have the money. Luckily though, they mark "pet adoption week" which is a week long event showing care towards pets. So, why not head on out, and adopt your own pet today! (if you can). It does look pretty cool though, for more information on these furry little friends and pet adoption, head on over to the Daily Explorer, AJHQ's blog, or towards the last page to learn more! WAtch Tierney Thys explain about pet adoption and read more about these adorable little creatures. I hope to get one soon, they are summer-like and spring-like. Will you?

Page 2 Next, the summer carnival has arrived! It has finally come, making it, Jamaa's number one attraction! I highly suggest going to it, it looks quite fun, for more information about it, see my post after this one. Also, you get tickets, ( like any other carnival) to purchase cool prizes. Cool! I can't wait to go. ;)

Page 3 Also, a new pet contest has come too! Hope to see all your wonderful submissions to the contest and in Jammer Central! Good luck, and have fun! Remember, it's not whether you win or lose, but how you have fun. I believe in all of you, everyone wins, just look in Jammer Central, that will display all your works.

Page 4 Next, we were right jammers! Penguins are the new pets in Jamaa for everyone! Cool, hopefully they will be here around next update for everyone to be waddling around Jamaa! I'm excited, are you? On the other side, it shows more dens are being crafted and more inventory space jammers. Before it used to be only 100, but now it is 300! Yay, thank you AJHQ you ROCK! Also, what creations will AJHQ create for new dens? I don't know, but I can imagine they will be so pawsome!

Page 5 Also, more rare tags have been created and added to items, hopefully no one will scam anymore. *crosses paws* Also, everything is all 3D-ish except on your animal, and den items, but I can see they will be soon to come. What do you think of this feature? Cool? Lame? Ehh... ok? I think its cool. ^.^

Page 6 This is the page containing some information on the humoring bird pets and Dr. Thys with her pet dog, Jessie! This is pretty darn cool, I'd say! What do you think?

Next, here are the calendars and AJHQ posts' on their blog, to view. ^.^

See? Seems like AJHQ has been pretty busy lately.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy and Monthly gift

Hey Jamaasians!
Sorry i didn't post this sooner.... Busy :(

The monthly member gift (June) has now come for all Jamaasians Jamaa-wide. Yep, AJHQ have created a mock version of the very first member gift, gloves! However, they may just come in one color; gold, but I think these things are still pretty cool. Now, once you've bought your nonmember version of the golden glove in Epic Wonders; member. Now, you can have another member version of the member gloves in gold! Here's what mine looked like, that AJHQ sent me.
Member view.

Here's the actual gift.
See? Overall, what's your opinion on this gift jammers? Do you think it's AJHQ's best work yet? I would say, it kinda is. Next, here's all the possible gloves you could've received.
There's dragon, mummy, lava, and legendary. Very similar to the original member gloves. ^.^

Nonmembers, you would've received this cared instead of the member one.
The center one slideshows all the different gloves available. These really are pretty cool gloves. ;)

Lastly, AJHQ have sent out yet another message. It's on the conservation museum in Appondale. Sadly, no shamans showed up, even after we told the legend of Jamaa there. ;( Well, hopefully they will show during this summer. ;)

Well, that's all for now Jamaasians, happy jamming!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The new update is HERE!

Hola jammers! Sorry again that i have not been posting lately! But here is a post!!!!!!!
Now, new items! There is a Giraffe Statue  now in the Chamber of Knowledge (no name...).
There is also a new giraffe card and a new button in the Jam-a-Gram box with a copy of AJ rules. Do read!
Because of the underwater den item contest there is a new item in Sunken Treasures. What do you think jammers?
Now, the big event... Giraffes! AJ did a great job.

I think they're are adorable. ^.^

There is also a new member badge.
Another really cool thing: you can now make animal suggestions and endangered species donations in the Animal Museum!
It's located right inside the door.
Plus there are fun new activities to complete, all about endangered animals. Just click the art table in the museum.
There are tons of pages to color and read!
There is also a new party, the Bunnies Only Party!
Click here to learn all about this pawsome new party (or look at the post below). There are new toys in the den Phantom Invasion game. Go collectors, go!
There is also a new Journey Book page. Go to the AJS Journey Guide, it should be up at some point today.
Right now all dens are on sale! Plus the Snow Fort den is on clearance. Sounds like gem earning time to me!
Get the sales while they last!
The Summer Carnival is coming back to town. What do you think AJHQ has in store for us? I wonder...
And here is some GREAT news... nonmembers are going to get another animal! Finally, it took them long enough.
Meanwhile, AJHQ is labeling more and more items as "rare." What do you think about this everyone? Yay? Nay?
Here are some examples of the newly labeled items.
In other news, there are two new shortcuts, one to Dr. Brady Barr's lab and the other to the Sol Arcade. Yay!
The National Geographic GeoBee is still going strong!
Good thing too, I may need to do a lot of gem earning now. And last (but not least) this update's new calender.
That's all for now jammers, I hope I didn't miss anything. How do you like the update? Lots of new things!